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Records Request

Incident Requests Information

The Summit County 911 Center stores audio recordings of 911 calls and radio traffic for 2 years after the initial incident date. You can request an electronic copy of the phone call, radio traffic, and/or CAD printout between the Summit County 911 Center and it's user agencies.

You must complete the Incident Request Form found below to gain access to these phone calls or radio conversations.


Record Request Instructions

  1. Fill out the Incident Request Form  Download Form

  2. Return form with $35 check to SCCC  Summit County 911 Address

** The release of any recorded incident must be approved by the public safety agency involved. Law enforcement agencies may deny the release of the recording if that incident is still under investigation and/or the recording is still considered evidence. The Summit County 911 Center will seek this approval on a case by case basis.

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