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False Alarm Program

Alarm Permits

To reduce false alarms in Summit County, the false alarm prevention program was started in 2005. This program provides for registering all centrally monitored alarms in Summit County and fines for excessive false alarms. Initially, the program only required the registration of intrusion (‘burglar’) alarms. In 2024, centrally monitored fire alarms will be included in the program.

The Summit County 911 Center manages the program per county and town ordinances and works closely with county law enforcement and fire agencies. City Support/Alarm Program Systems run the day-to-day administration of the program. City Support works on routine billing matters and reports to the 911 Center. The 911 Center, working with public safety agencies, remains the final authority on false alarm issues.

City Support/Alarm Program Systems can be reached at:

Phone Number:  888.865.9770




The Alarm Program Administrator (Tim Davidson) can be contacted at:


Phone Number: 970.668.2970

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