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Summit County 911

Summit County 911 Center is a department of the Summit County Government and is located in the Emergency Services building at 0227 County Shops Road in Frisco, CO. The Summit County 911 Center is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all of Summit County. That means that whenever someone in Summit County calls 911, the call is answered by the dispatchers at the Summit County 911 Center.

The Summit County 911 Center dispatches for nearly all of the public safety agencies in Summit County, including all fire and EMS districts; law enforcement agencies and Animal Control; Search and Rescue; Social Services; Road and Bridge; and Advocates for Victims of Assault. Two notable exceptions are Colorado State Patrol and Flight for Life, which have their own dispatch centers.

When calls for assistance are received in the Summit County 911 Center, the dispatcher will relay the information to the appropriate responders. For example, when there is a medical emergency such as a motor vehicle accident with injuries, the dispatchers utilize a radio paging system to immediately advise the fire department, ambulance, and police departments in the area where the incident occurred.

Fully trained dispatchers maintain certifications in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In addition, dispatchers continue to improve skills and knowledge at industry specific classes and conferences once they are out of training.

Summit County 911 is staffed 24/7 with a minimum of two dispatchers on duty 20-22 hours/day and at times one dispatcher on duty during the wee hours between 3 am and 7 am. The staff consists of 14 full time dispatchers, 6 technicians, and a full time CBI coordinator, office coordinator, technical support staff including a Public Safety Administrator and 6 technicians. The 911 Center Director oversees the entire operation.


Communication Technicians


Radio Communications

Computer Office Work

IT Administration

The Summit County 911 Center technicians are responsible for the radio communications for all public safety agencies in Summit County, including all fire and EMS districts; law enforcement agencies and Animal Control; Search and Rescue; and Road and Bridge.

The communications technicians are responsible for maintaining 8 different radio communication towers and sites in the county. These sites include radio equipment, radio links, mobile data equipment, state 800 DTR, national weather broadcast equipment, UHF and Microwave links/equipment. They are also responsible for installing new sites, this includes: concrete work, tower construction, electrical work, transmission cable installation, transmission feed line installation, antenna installation, gas piping, and signal testing.

Other radio communications responsibilities include: maintaining radio equipment for county Fire, EMS, and Law; radio programming; systems integration; frequency spectrum management; maintaining mobile data terminals for Law, Fire, and EMS; inventory management; and troubleshooting any radio or data communication issues.

The communications technicians staff are responsible for all of the server administration and maintenance for the communications center. This includes administrating and maintaining server and client hardware for the 911 dispatch center, 911 phone trunk administration, design and maintenance of all security and networking equipment, and critical emergency backup power systems for radio sites and the 911 dispatch center. Also responsible for dispatch software administration, mapping software administration, citrix virtual presentation software administration for law, fire, and EMS; independent interface software development, web development, digital voice recording for incident requests, and maintaining strict security protocols for state and national crime reporting.


Database Administration

Our communications technicians are also responsible for administering databases for law and court records, jail booking records, fire records, EMS records, computer automated dispatch databse, and the county intrusion alarm management database. Duties include: hardware installation and maintenance, systems integration, database backups, database security, user permissions and security, and crystal report generation as needed.

Organizing Data


Our communications technicians are "Mutual Aid / National Incident Management System (NIMS) " qualified . This means their services can be used anywhere in the state in the case of a disaster or large incident.

Our technicians are all OSHA tower climber/rescue certified as well as trained in how to manage Radio Frequency Hazards.

Our Vision​

  • Provide Excellent Customer Service

  • Sustain Effective Technology

  • Value and Develop Our Employees

Mission Statement:

Dispatch the appropriate response with the least possible delay
Inspire the trust and confidence of the public and responding agencies
Serve as a vital link between Summit County citizens, visitors and Emergency Services
Prepare to handle any situation through proactive and continuous education
Always strive to find ways to improve. Always here, always ready
Treat each individual with respect and dignity
Consistently answer all calls with professionalism, courtesy and compassion
Help responding agencies to serve our community by using reliable technology and accurate information

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