Job Openings

Telecommunicator / 911 Dispatcher

Summit County 911 Center offers an exciting career in 911 dispatching. You will be an integral part of a high performing team that assesses emergency calls and then dispatches police, fire, ambulance, and rescue responders. You will have the opportunity to be the life line for a caller in crisis and for responders on the scenes of Summit County emergencies. Every day will present new and exciting challenges where your good judgment and problem solving skills will affect the best possible outcome for those members of our community that need you most.

Does this uniquely challenging job describe how you would like to impact your community and make a difference in your day to day workplace environment? If this employment opportunity appeals to you, complete our application and return it to Summit County Communications. If we are hiring, we will contact you immediately and begin processing your application. If we are fully staffed, we will keep your application on file until the next hiring round.

Job Applications:

  •      911 Dispatcher Application Instructions & Form