Information 911 Dispatchers Need

What is the most important information required by 911?

911 will not solve your problem but rather is the first step in that process. It is our job to send responders to you, whose job it will be to solve your problem, whether that be extinguishing a fire, arresting a bad guy, stabilizing a medical condition and providing ambulance transport, etc.

First piece of information:

The first, and most important piece of information that the Dispatcher will need and ask for is your location; the more accurate you can be, the better: Street address, business or condominium name, building number/name, unit #, town name/subdivision name (i.e. 1001 Grandview Drive, Grandview Condominiums, Building B, Unit # in Breckenridge on Peak 8).

Second piece of information:

For medical emergencies; the Dispatcher will ask for the patient age & sex, if conscious, if breathing normally, the chief complaint, and what caused the chief complaint; depending on the cause, whether or not there are further safety concerns.

For fire emergencies; the Dispatcher will ask if you smell smoke, if you see smoke then the color and quantity, if you see flames, if there are any injuries, the type of structure, if hazardous materials are present, the number of people inside, and if they can get out. Based on your responses, you may be advised to evacuate yourself and others while ensuring your own safety; and to contact fire personnel when they arrive.

For police emergencies; the Dispatcher will ask if weapons are involved, if anyone is injured, suspect descriptions, suspect vehicle descriptions, suspect means and direction of travel, if they have left the scene, if you are safe, the details of the crime/situation. Depending on the situation being reported, additional questions may apply.

For search and rescue emergencies; the Dispatcher will ask where the missing person(s) are believed to be, when and where they were last seen, how long overdue, are there injuries, names and descriptions, vehicle descriptions/locations (such as at the trailhead), cell phone numbers, lat & long coordinates. And they will likely have a Search and Rescue Coordinator call you back, especially if you or someone in your party needs rescuing.

Additional information:

When you are traveling on Interstate 70 and need to report reckless drivers, drunk drivers, and road rage dial *277 on your cell phone and you will be directly connected with Colorado State Patrol.

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