911 False Dialing Prevention

How to Prevent False Dialing:

More than half of the 911 calls received in the SCCC are calls that were dialed in error.

  • Cell Phones - Use keypad locks, phones with key pad covers, and keep your phone in a hard-case when not in use

  • From Hotels - Dial slowly, if the hotel phone system requires the caller to first dial a "9", wait a few seconds and ensure there is a dial tone before dialing the phone number. Also be aware of the emergency dial button that some hotels have on their phones

  • Teach Your Children the proper use of 911 - Children should understand that 911is to be used for emergencies only and should learn their address and phone numbers as soon as they are able. Children can learn more about 911 during Fire Prevention Week every October at local fire department open houses and at the Safe Summer Kickoff hosted every spring by the Silverthorne PD.

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