What Happens When You Call 911?

When you dial 911 within the borders of Summit County, your call will be routed to the Summit County Communications Center; it does not matter what the area code of your cell phone is, your call will be routed to us regardless.

The Dispatcher who answers your call is not a police officer. They will need to gather some basic, but very specific information to create an "incident" in a computer program called Computer Aided Dispatch. The information that the Dispatcher will ask for is the minimum that is required in order to safely get you help.

Once that minimum information is gathered, it will be dispatched to the appropriate responders who will assist you with your problem. Depending on the situation that you are reporting, the Dispatcher may or may not put you on "hold" after gathering the basic information, dispatch the appropriate help, then get back on the line with you to gather additional information.

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